The Relationships Make a Society

Can you live alone in a society? No, it’s something very difficult to do. Wherever you go, you will be asked such questions like what your father does, how many brother/sisters you have, are you married, how many kids you have. You are recognised because of your relationships. You want to survive in a society, then your connection to other living beings in necessary.


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Why do you work? Why do you want to get good pay scale? Reason being you want to fulfil the needs of you family, you want to give proper and happy life to people related to you in the form of your family. You want your children to lead a better life than you did. You want to fulfil dreams of your parents, because you want to see them happy. Have you noticed one thing, you are more engaged in taking care of your family than yourself. See how these relationships matter to you. So many people are related to you like your cousins, uncle, aunt etc…But relations you have in the face of your family are dearer to you than others.

Blood relations are part of relationships. We are connected through some other relations also, which we create ourselves with our courtesy and behaviour, like our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues, our classmates. Sometimes the people, with whom you do not have any blood connection, are closer to you than the blooded one. It is in our hands that how well we maintain our relations with all. If you are good to next person than he/she will be better to you. Do not let your relationships down! It is very difficult to maintain the relationships and very easy to destroy them. Do not let misunderstandings come between you and your relationships. Try to avoid the causes, which can hurt your loved ones. Fell yourself lucky that god has blessed you with beautiful relationships.

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It is a well-known saying that we make the Society. Therefore, it is important to understand this and have a positive approach towards each other to make everything good and perfect. If each one of us are cautious and careful about ourselves and watch our actions, there would be no problems at all. As a matter of fact, we can collectively make a lot of difference to whole thing. We should consider ourselves lucky enough to be a part of this Society and try everything possible to make it better in all aspects.